Our Story

Recruiters should be viewed as a business partner – someone who is critical to the business success.

Dicky Yuen & Alvin Lam

Founders of Ventrenix

The name, Venturenix, came from a day when Alvin and Dicky were wishfully thinking about their next venture at the beginning of 2017. Alvin had just exited from his digital marketing empire, PacificLink Group, which had been growing for around 20 years. At the same time, Dicky had just recovered from a critical illness after working in the IT & recruitment market and was at the cusp of his 10-year working anniversary. They, then brainstormed about the idea of Venturenix. A venture of innovating the existing recruitment services by creating a next-gen career enrichment platform for IT & Digital professionals. They were talking about how they should do something challenging but most importantly something that would be beneficial to the society or, at least, an industry.


We understand that a lot of corporations face challenges when recruiting IT & Digital talents into their company. Keeping up on the latest technologies is crucial nowadays for a business to survive in the vigorous digital transformation age. Only by recruiting and cultivating the best IT and Digital professionals, is how we continue to win in the fierce battle on applying the



Venturenix is no stranger in the IT and Digital industry with a combined 30 years of knowhow in the technology market. We wish to take up this challenge by keeping ourselves abreast of the newest technology trend. We provide advice on how our candidates should transit and pick up new skills and advice on clients how they can transform to the new digital world by providing them with the right talents.



Venturenix will not cast aside candidates that need to learn and develop their character, in-turn we will train and increase their community awareness through IT-specific events and learning courses. We will use our leverage in this aspect and the whole IT community in Hong Kong will grow and sustain with Venturenix.



Venturenix is not a traditional recruitment firm. Venturenix does not grow by going after easy assignments or industries where there is short-term demand. By focusing our time on developing a specialized brand, we can attract the best talent in the IT & Digital market and, in the long run, resolve the recruitment challenge in this market and be profitable. We provide professional advice on your approach on searching, trends of the markets and if needed, advice on your IT & Digital talent acquisition strategy in the coming 2 – 5 years to make your business plan successful.



We have secured the best candidates in the market not only by headhunting them, but by also helping them develop as a character. We provide advice on our candidate’s career and personal development to make our candidates stay with us. This is how we differentiate ourselves by creating a co-growth model which had never been seen in other recruitment firms.

If you believe in our vision and want to be part of this journey, work with us to experience our world-class IT & Digital recruitment services and help the market realize the dreams of a co-growth model among the corporations, candidates and Venturenix!