Partner Trainee Programme

Our Vision

We strived to spread IT knowledge and expertises by providing world-class technical training

on the most in demand skill set with our own training institute Venturenix LAB,

in order to build a co-growth environment within the IT and Digital community.


What is Partner Trainee Programme?

A 28-month programme that is designed to equip future IT talents 

by developing the IT skill set and knowledge needed to be considered work-ready in your company.

This programme focuses on cultivating IT professionals from zero IT backgroundwith in-depth practical learning on Java programming. 

The selected talents will undergo a 4-month intense training course from our own training institute Venturenix LAB.

After graduation, there will be a 2 year restricted serving period on our talents, which provide additional support on talent retention to our clients.

We aim…

  • To solve the hiring problem of junior IT candidates on both short run and long run
  • To remove financial barriers of potential talents and make IT for everyone

  • To minimize the hiring cost
  • To cultivate more IT talents that meets the current market’s needs

Why Partner Trainee Programme?


  • A predictable pipeline of Software engineers ready to work 

From sourcing, training to onboarding, there is a clear timeline for the whole programme. 

Starting from enrolment, a reliable and predictable pipeline will be provided to our clients on when the IT junior will be ready for work.

  • A reliable talent retention strategy

With the 2 years restricted serving commitment, our candidates would serve our client for at least 24 months. 

There is no conversation fee for companies on changing our candidates to permanent staff. 

For additional support, Venturenix LAB will provide free courses for candidate enhancing their skills throughout this

programme (24 months),  if the skills are required at work.

  • Cultivating IT talents with different background

After finishing the training, there might be developers with different backgrounds cultivated by us. (ie. banking, retail… )

IT talents with different backgrounds might more fit for our clients which minimizing the training time. 

  • Potential customized curriculum for large batch recruitment

The curriculum and course details could be fine-tuned after discussion, to ensure the technical skills of the candidates are fitted for our clients. For massive recruitment, this is possible to have a customized curriculum to tailor the training programme.

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