IT Recruitment best practise - Respond within 24 hours 

​Fast response time is crucial for hiring talents in a candidates-short market, such as IT, Data & Digital candidates. Therefore, Venturenix aim to provide our clients response within 24 hours upon receiving any IT, Data & Digital job orders as we need speed is the key.

We are currently working with corporations that are as big as listed conglomerate, listed locally or overseas as well as start-ups. We do not discriminate industries as we position ourselves as a company with skillets focused to IT, Data & Digital talentsOur clients like to work with us because we hire consultants who are either experienced IT candidates or experienced professionals who are truly passionate with the IT industry which are keen to help the corporations resolve their most critical challenges in the new IT, Data & Digital age.

We source candidates by leveraging the most advanced social media tool in the market in order to attract all IT talents across all age groups and with different characters.


We also emphasize on our professional knowledge in the market and service to our clients because we believe only the best recruitment will attract the best talents in the market. This is also the reason why Venturenix specializes purely in the IT, Data & Digital space because most IT, Data & Digital talents want to work with consultants who truly understand their fields.

Venturenix will also invest in our IT talents because we believe our company will only be profitable in a long run when our candidates are enjoying a rewarding career in their professional life.

In order to achieve this and achieve the economy of scale in our investment, Venturenix will keep on expanding and leverage on the depth of our candidate database across all industries.


If you are looking for a recruitment partner who specializes in IT, Data & Digital markets, please feel free to try our service by submitting a vacancy. In most cases, we are able to shortlist at least 3 qualified candidates profiles within 1 to 2 days who are currently in the market for the below positions due to the depth of our candidate database and the fact that we specialize only in IT, Data & Digital space where we do best.

Digital position Digital Project Manager Full Stack Developer
  Android Developer Head of Digital
  Global head of Digital architect Growth Hackers
  Head of E-commerce Public Relations
  E-commerce manager Sales & Marketing
  Back End Developer Salesforce specialist
  Digital Designer SEM / SEO specialist
  Content Writer Social Media
  Youtubber Strategic Marketing
  Copywriter Animation designer
  Web Editor 3D Designer
  Blogger Art Director
  Digital Strategist Animation designer
  Front End Developer Digital Director
  Interactive Designer Character Artist
  iOS Developer Creative Director
  JavaScript Developer Design Director
  Mobile applications Developer Multimedia Designer
  PHP Developer Interactive mobile designer
  Data Analysts Web Designer
  Digital Marketing UX Designer
  E-Commerce UI Designer
IT positions Enterprise Architect IT Manager
  Analyst Programmer IT Project Manager
  Programmer / Developer IT Security
  Cloud system specialist IT Services
  Business Analyst IT Support
  Quants developer Machine Learning developer
  Devops engineer Programme Manager
  Information Security Manager Quality Assurance
  Global Security Architect Incident Management
  System Analyst Software Engineer
  Implementation Consultant System Administrator
  Programme Manager Creative & Design
  Data Scientist Ruby/Go/Python Developer
  Head of Infrastructure Technical Lead

For Executive Search mandates, please contact us and reach out to the best IT, Data & Digital Executive candidate pool in Hong Kong from Venturennix.