Three Alternatives to Microsoft Excel to Impress Your Boss

In the era of big data, it is important to use a suitable software to analyze a big chunk of data with efficacy. The data does not on its own provide decision makers insights. The data must be analyzed and interpreted to derive meaningful value. This is where data visualization tools come in. They offer corporations new approaches to improve the ability to grasp information behind the big data. With a great demand for data analytics skills, it is time for IT personnel to pick up one of the skills below.

Two Reasons Why Python Corproate Training is Essential

While people worry about job displacement caused by AI, business leaders hold an optimistic view. According to a survey conducted by EY, out of 122 business leaders, more than half of respondents believe that AI will have a positive impact on job creations that boost the economy.

What does business intelligence analysts do?

In today’s big data era, data science has unquestionably become a popular and lucrative field. But in case you didn’t know, the discipline of business intelligence is another rising sub-sector in the IT industry, which has attracted many IT amateurs to enter the industry without prior data science experience. Business intelligence is critical to the success of every organisation. Virtually, every small, midsize and large business can benefit from business intelligence, which is why business intelligence analysts are in high demand.

What is Data Warehouse?

Many organizations tend to have a bulk of raw data that reside in different operational systems or data sources. The absence of a unified database leads to a time-consuming data-gathering process. Data warehouse is a real godsend to many companies because it is a practical tool for storing and optimising data, in which a lot of corporations opt for to generate more business benefit. Thus, to succeed as a BI analyst or data science, one must grasp the concept of data warehouse (DW).

What are the impacts of Blockchain on traditional industry? (II)

Big data has started to play a larger role across sectors nowadays, making professionals with data analytical skills highly sought after. Tempted to pick up a new skill? For newbie data analysts, if you find it difficult to differentiate between different data analytic languages such as R and Python, here’s a simple guide for you.

What are the impacts of Blockchain on traditional industry? (I)

Blockchain has swept through the tech industry because it paves the way for safe and secure transactions and provides an alternative to performing our day-to-day tasks more efficiently. It is poised to disrupt more and more industries in the not too remote future. What are the impacts of Blockchain upon different sectors?

Blockchain as a service (BaaS)

With Blockchain technology sweeping across the tech industry in recent years, many enterprises attempt to figure out how to use distributed ledger technology to be more time- and cost-effective. Blockchain-as-a-service is a golden treasure that is eyed by many international corporations, especially those in the finance and banking industry. What is BaaS? Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) is when an entity or tech company set up all the “blockchain tech” and blockchain connected nodes. It incorporates a multitude of features that cover every potential need in the blockchain space, so they can offer blockchain services to other companies. Enterprises can, therefore, use the cloud infrastructure to reduce the irritating back-end work of the blockchain development.

What is Smart Contract?

Technologies are radically evolving and some of it can be a little scary. Smart Contract is one of those disruptive technologies in recent years that we are all in awe of. What is Smart Contract? The term “smart contract” was first used by computer scientist and law scholar Nick Szabo in 1997, long before the invention of Bitcoin. Nick proposed the use of distributed ledger to store contracts in lieu of physical contracts. So, instead of relying on trust and legal provisions to bind the parties, a blockchain can create a smart contract that is enforced automatically. Lawyers, notaries and other service providers are no longer in demand.

What is Blockchain

I’m sure you have heard of the word “Blockchain” quite often in recent years. But, what exactly is Blockchain? Being the primary infrastructure behind Bitcoin, Blockchain tech is often described as a digital spreadsheet or ledger that keeps records in a transparent way with no central data storage. It allows two parties to transact with each other directly without a trusted third party.

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