The War for FinTech Talents

Hong Kong’s Fintech sector is set to become a major player in the world’s financial industry. The growth of Fintech is significant, in which the number of FinTech companies based in Hong Kong has seen a rapid increase from 140 in 2016 to 550 in early 2019.

Three Things Top Tech Talents Wants

As the tech job sector continues to expand, there is fierce competition between employers to acquire the best talent available. What does top tech talent (‘TTT’) most value most in their work environment?

Three Top Talent Trends in 2019

Specialists in data science and finance continue to be in demand this year. To win the best talents, it is essential to keep pace with industry insights. Here come three of the top talent trends in 2019!

The impacts of Digital Transformation?

The oldest TV broadcaster in Hong Kong, TVB, has laid off over 100 workers amid company restructuring and digital transformation. TVB was under fire from all sides, including the public and the staff members who criticized TVB as being heartless and inconsiderate. Is such a large-scale of redundancy Inevitable or avoidable?

Enhancing Competitiveness through AI

The influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has swept across different industries. Many people are terrified of the prospect of robots replacing human and that jobs will be eliminated significant. For the sake of cutting expenses, employers have terminated jobs that intelligent machines could easily maneuver. Nevertheless, an astute employer should take the initiative and attempt to enhance the competitiveness of the company, instead of focusing on reducing expenses. Here are some ways to kickstart.

Top Three Qualities of a Successful UX Designer

UX designers are highly sought after by many employers nowadays. Have you ever wondered why? Imagine you are meeting someone for the first time. You want to showcase your best qualities and leave a lasting impression, so you would dress nice and speak politely.

Why hiring IT staff is challenging in Hong Kong

As more corporations become aware of the importance of IT staff, demand for IT expertise is growing every day. Yet access to IT talents is one of the primary challenges facing Hong Kong.

Three Data Visualization Tools You Must Know

Through Big data analytics, hidden patterns and correlations can be uncovered, which drives business growth and success. Therefore, all major corporations attempt to maintain their competitiveness through frequent and in-depth data analysis and visualization. Data Analysts are in hot demand. To become an invaluable asset for employers, there are 3 data visualization tools you must know.

Three Alternatives to Microsoft Excel to Impress Your Boss

In the era of big data, it is important to use a suitable software to analyze a big chunk of data with efficacy. The data does not on its own provide decision makers insights. The data must be analyzed and interpreted to derive meaningful value. This is where data visualization tools come in. They offer corporations new approaches to improve the ability to grasp information behind the big data. With a great demand for data analytics skills, it is time for IT personnel to pick up one of the skills below.

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