Case Studies

Case 1 – Leveraging Recruitment & Training capacity to find the best Trainer

Chinese martial arts and DevOps are two of the things that Martin Fuller is passionate about. Martin is deeply fascinated with Chinese culture and has been dreamt to come to Hong Kong one day to experience the Chinese way of living without sacrificing his tech career.

His life-altering moment came when Venturenix successfully placed him with a Hong Kong company as a DevOps Engineer. DevOps skills are in-demand in Hong Kong, yet Martin deems that the city is still hamstrung by a shortage of experienced DevOps developers. Martin was thrilled that he could bring in his expertise to help the company integrate digital technology into all areas of the business. He aspires to train the local talents and develop a thriving DevOps culture in Hong Kong, which is essential to drive digital transformation.

Case 2 –Increase employer’s brand exposure and reputation with training service, secure them for our client with recruitment service.

Technology talents set their eyes on bigger and more long-term goals these days. They pursue more than financial rewards when they are looking for a job. Instead, they look for elements of innovation, creativity and collaboration in a company. Thus, strong employer branding becomes imperative to increase the number of quality hires.

Venturenix makes the employer branding strategies available to clients who seek to reform and modernize their company profile. We understand the career expectations of today’s tech talents and make suggestions to clients on targeting potential IT candidates and retaining current talents.

With the combination of recruitment and training events, Venturenix effectively helps WorldFirst put a branding and training strategy in place that specifically targets tech talents, which, in turn, increases successful hires.

Case 3 – Large scale IT hiring to cope with Digital Transformation

Hiring an entire team of developers takes a lot of effort and hiring the “right” team is even harder.

Venturenix successfully helps an MNC company to conduct a full-scale recruitment and hire a dedicated team of developers. Through our extensive network, we connect and attract experienced developers in the IT community and help our client to assemble the right team with the necessary experience and expertise. As a result, we helped them to hire 1 Head of Digital, 1 Senior Cyber Security Manager, 10 Java developers, 5 Business analyst and 2 UX Designers.

Venturenix has also helped another Entertainment MNC to hire 3 Devops Engineer, 4 Software developers, 2 QAs and 2 UX Designers to cope with the Digital Transformation plan.