Our Team

Dear Friends,

Over the past 20 years, I have been formulating strategic development of the largest digital marketing agency, The PacificLink Group, which accommodates 300+ employees. As time passes, we have observed the vast changes in Information Technology and changes in the digital needs of clients which kick starts the evolution of new IT jobs.

In the past, corporations only needed to employ web designers and web programmers. However, nowadays, the IT market is already recruiting over 10 times the volume of new IT jobs to fit the evolving needs of various IT, Data and Digital technology, with the materialization of roles such as UX/UI designers, e-Commerce Managers, Mobile Application Programmers, Cloud Developers, Growth Hackers to name a few.


To help facilitate the healthy growth of Hong Kong’s IT market, Dicky and I made a bold decision to transform the traditional recruitment and head hunting service with innovative I.T. Talent acquisition solution. As a recruitment agency with a bold vision, we aim to provide more efficient and effective head hunting service for our clients to facilitate their growth in IT, Data and Digital recruiting.

Most importantly, we believe IT Human Resources are critical to the enhancement of every business, not just in the present, but in future. Thus, unlike other recruiting firms that only focus on employers, we wish to push more endeavors on advancing resources to help IT, data and digital marketing professionals form their career path. In the coming future, more innovation services will be provided to enrich the career lives of IT professionals and Data & Digital candidates. I wish every IT, data and digital professional would be able to find their place and path with a rewardable advancement in careers.

We understand that some of the IT candidates are anxious about their career lives. In order to help them tread through the harsh job seeking environment in Hong Kong, and stand out from the crowd. Venturenix is here to offer counselling services to IT candidates in need. We welcome your message and enquiry.

Thanks for checking Venturenix Recruitment Service! We hope our passion shows in our effort to realize your dream career.

Alvin Lam
Founder, Career Counsellor