How to Start a Data Science Career: R or Python?

Big data has started to play a larger role across sectors nowadays, making professionals with data analytical skills highly sought after. Tempted to pick up a new skill? For newbie data analysts, if you find it difficult to differentiate between different data analytic languages such as R and Python, here’s a simple guide for you.

How to handle a counter offer?

Imagine you have been working as a programmer for 5 years in the same company. One day, you received a call from a recruiting agency called Venturenix, telling you that your Linkedin profile was sharp and would like to match your qualification with an incredible job. You are flattered because you have never been headhunted before. You give it a go and go through a few rounds of interview. Luckily, they are willing to offer you a mid-level job with way better remuneration package than your current job. Ecstatic, you decide to hand in resignation letter the next day. Instead of accepting your letter, your boss makes you an appealing counter-offer to make you re-consider your resignation. What should you do?

Things to Consider before Making a Career Move

When it comes to risky career moves, one must proceed with cautions. Think about the pros and cons, and what you’ll gain or lose if you quit your current job. Whether you are switching employers or industries, these are the key factors that you need to sort out first. Otherwise, you’re advised to wait a little longer to make a big career move.

A Gateway to the world of Data Science

Every year, Glassdoor releases a report based on each job’s overall satisfaction in the US. Data Scientist warranted the second place two years in a row. The score is determined by key factors such as the number of job openings, the job satisfaction rating and median annual base salary.

Signs You Nailed an Interview

When most candidates walk out of a job interview, they either felt that they nailed the interview, or completely bombed it. It might be the tricky questions asked by the hiring manager or the longer-than-expected interview that make you feel doomed. The truth is, it might indicate otherwise. Here are some positive signs of you acing a interview.

The Hiring-Firing Paradox in the Tech Industry

Despite the high demand of IT talents, people come and go in the industry and IT professionals tend to be replaced pretty quickly. What are some of the reasons behind this phenomenon?

Highest-paid Jobs in the Tech Industry

In the ultra-digital age, the importance of technical know-how is self-explanatory. According to a recent survey conducted by career-recruiting website Glassdoor, 4 out of 10 highest paying jobs in the US are IT and digital-related, including UX designer, product manager, software engineer, system engineer. Tech industry in Hong Kong reflects a similar pay scale. Let’s explore these IT professions a little bit more.

The Paradox of Choice (Job searching)

In most cases, a candidate that is searching for a job with the help of recruiters would usually think that more help is better. The more recruiting agencies they use, the more job opportunities would show up. The more you reach out, the more opportunities will be available for you. Sounds logical enough.

Self Worth

When a recruiter asks for your currently salary, do you hesitate? It’s not uncommon as we take our time and utter our value in terms of dollars to the recruiter. After that candidates state their self-worth; also in terms of the dollar. Either way, as we reveal numbers, candidates should consider two things; how conservative they are and if they are being too aggressive. You shouldn’t sell yourself short or be too aggressive, so how do you come to a point to where it’s both reasonable and fair?

Which areas within IT are the most popular in the market?

Besides helping IT job seekers to find a “job”, Venturenix believes that our position, among other recruiters, would be to build a deeper relationship with candidates and offer relevant information or advice that is important for our candidate’s career growth. One of the core aspects of Venturenix’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of IT professionals in Hong Kong. Candidates are not only “job seekers” or “candidates” in our mind, candidates are a part of Venturenix.

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